Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Last week was busy. Sick kids, school projects and homework, more sick kids. Hopefully, I can be a bit more productive this week, even though my husband is going to be gone practically every evening this week, and not home at all on 2 days. Oh well, nothing new.

So.... I found a picture of a dress on Pinterest last week from Olabelhe.  I feel in love with it and determined to make a doll size version. Looked through my fabric stash, at least the part of it that I have easy access to, and didn't find what I was looking for, so the next day I tried Walmart while we were out and about. Found lots of cute fabric, but not for this dress. And I resisted the temptation to add to my stash.

Well, Saturday afternoon, after my husband and kids got back from sledding for the first time this winter, I decided I would try again. Went to Joann's. So much temptation, but not what I needed. Decided to try a different Walmart, and guess what?!? I found what I was looking for, and since I was already buying fabric, I bought more than I had planned. But I do have a plan for the fabric.
I'm super excited to start, but first, sick kids, and straightening the house. =)

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